DIY: Repurposing 5-Drawer Chest

Now that the boys have a new room, I decided that those cheap plastic 3 stack drawers just wouldn’t do anymore. And luckily I came across my grandfather’s old chest of drawers that I could repurpose for them.


Since this chest of drawers is older than I am, it needed some serious sanding. There were scratches on the drawers and along one side from when it was moved many times before. As a beginner in the furniture repurposes game, I ordered all of my supplies from Amazon and primed it so I could have it within 2 days. Lol.

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I needed a hand sander and ended up purchasing a 1.4 Amp Hammerhead Sander because it was decently priced and had great reviews. Well, I now LOVE this sander because it did not disappoint! It came with 80 grit (I just learned what that was) sandpaper and worked wonders sanding away years of wear and tear that my chest went through. So for my first day, I removed all the hardware and set those aside, and sanded the top and front of my chest.

For day 2 I finished up sanding the sides and all 5 drawers for a fresh look. The old chest didn’t even look the same and I was extremely proud of myself. I recommend wearing long sleeves and pants (or leggings) since I didn’t the first day and was covered in little wood dust. I was outside for the duration of my sanding so I didn’t necessarily need protective glasses, but also on my recommendation list.

Day 1 & Day 2 of Sanding

After all the sanding was done, I wiped down the chest and vacuumed out the inside to make sure all the dust was out and off before painting. For my paint choice, I picked an All-In-One (that’s a primer and a paint) from Country Chic. I chose the chalk style 16 oz Hollow Hill, which is a lovely green color that I knew would pair so well with the boys’ room, and the Clear Coat from Country Chic as well. I painted two coats of the Hollow Hill and then once dried, topped with the clear coat. For the hardware, I chose a spray paint and primer matte black from Krylon.

I let the chest and hardware dry for 24-hrs before reassembling the hardware to the drawers and then moved it into the boys’ room for use.


Overall the project turned out to be simple and I loved the finished look. It only took me about a week including shipping times to complete the entire project. I will say it may not be perfect, but for my first dresser flip, it came out fantastic. I’ve included all the links to my Amazon supplies, Happy furniture flipping everyone!

XOXO – A Busy Mama

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