A Funny Story Called… My Life

Has something ever happened to you and you thought “This cannot be real life. There’s no way.” But yet there you are. In real life. And in absolute utter disbelief. Well, that is me right now.

*This post is about dental pain and all things related. If that is not your cup of tea, please proceed with caution*

A couple of weeks ago I had an older filling come out. Normal, didn’t cause a lot of pain, just hard to eat and inconvenient. So I call up my dentist to set an appointment. I saw him that week and he filled it and then I left. All good, right? Wrong.

The very next day my tooth just hurt. I googled and saw that it was normal to have some sensitivity after a filling and thought it would just pass. Well, boy was I WRONG. The following day the whole right side of my mouth was throbbing in pain, sensitive to hot/cold, and my face was swollen, just in the most pain ever. I was miserable.

I call my dentist again for him to tell me I need a root canal. He wasn’t able to do one and referred me to a specialist and prescribed me some pain meds. (Sidebar: I had to stop breastfeeding my EBF baby for 10 days because of the pain meds and that is another post I will right because it was an emotional rollercoaster.) I then scheduled an appointment with the specialist, but they couldn’t see me until the following week.

My week of pain was a rough one and my meds got their own alarm clock. It got so bad I couldn’t even sleep on that side of my face and I just counted down the days until my root canal. And this is where it gets…. funny.

I scheduled the appointment for this week at 8 am so I can get it over with as soon as possible. I got there early, checked it, did the paperwork, went to the back, did my x-ray and scans, the dentist man starts prepping my mouth, grabs a tool, the dental assistant has her suction, AND THEN THE POWER GOES OFF.

The lights come back on and then flicker a little bit, but ultimately we had to stop before we even started. It was a ‘brown out’ – Not completely pitch black, but not enough juice in the building to power I don’t know let’s say, dental instruments. So as the office became frantic, I sat there with a numb mouth just waiting. After about 15-20 minutes, the dentist come into my room and asked if I would like to try and wait it out or if I wanted to reschedule. By this time it was roughly 9:20 am and I was completely numb and wanted to not be in pain, so I opted to wait it out. I told myself by 10 am if the lights were still out I would leave.

Time went by and right as I turned to get up and leave, the lights came back on and so did the tools. The dentist came back in and after successfully having power for 5 minutes, we proceeded with the root canal. Which I thought went well….. but I was wrong.

Turns out the dentist did the WRONG TOOTH! He was very apologetic and comped me the cost for a tooth I probably needed a root canal on later in life, soooooo I wasn’t too angry but still. How does this even happen?! We then started the process all over for the correct tooth and by the time I was done it was lunchtime.

After spending 4 hours at the dentist’s office, I am here to say….. I never want to see them again and this has been the longest worst experience of my life.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend! Don’t lose your fillings!

XOXO – A Busy Mama

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