5 Tips For Cutting Your Hair At Home

Let me first start with the disclaimer: if you are a person who frequents the salon and believes in going every 4-6 weeks to cut your ends, this post is most definitely not for you. If you are my people and maybe go to the salon twice a year – WELCOME!

Since the start of Covid, I have become a very “I can do this myself” person. This includes doing my mani and pedi, dyeing my hair, and of course cutting my hair like I’m some sort of cosmetologist. My thoughts: I can’t be mad if I’m the one that messed it up.

Great words to live by, I know. 😌 Anywho after risking it all several times since 2020 I’m here for you to share my helpful tips on how you should cut your hair at home.

1. Invest in hair-cutting shears. Do not skimp on your scissors! Your hair will thank me. Cutting your hair is not something you try to do with the craft scissors your kids use for school. I speak from experience, you will spend more time trying to even out your hair than it would take to cut all your hair off with actual shears.

2. Research different cuts. Don’t think just because you’re cutting your hair at home you can’t achieve certain looks. While the easiest way to cut is just straight across, doing so might not give you the look you want. Don’t be afraid to try different cuts that will give you more layers or even bangs!

3. Prep your hair. Depending on the haircut you’re wanting or what YouTube videos you watched, you can cut your hair wet or dry. Although it is typically recommended to cut your hair when dried and straightened for the best results. I’ve done both and have not had any issues. But either way, make sure to wash and clean your hair before cutting it.

4. Sections! Just like when you’re in the salon, your stylist will section your hair into different parts to be cut, that is the recommendation for you at home too. Dividing your hair into 3-6 sections will help you create consistency throughout your hair. It also helps with detangling your hair for your cut as well.

5. Start small. Unless you’re trying to attempt a big chop, cut off small amounts until you are satisfied with the length of your hair. Making a blunt cut of 5 inches of your hair can be a drastic change you may not be ready for and that’s okay. Start off by trimming 1 to 2 inches, or even just your ends.

And honestly, don’t be afraid to do this yourself. If you felt like you messed up or don’t like your outcome you can always have your stylist fix your hair the way you want it to look. Or if you’re like me, you can leave it in a messy bun until you actually need to go somewhere AND THEN get it fixed! 😂 Just trust yourself! Happy cutting mamas!

XOXO – A Busy Mama

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