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Happy Friday Mamas! For those of you who have read my previous wedding post Step 1: Venue, here is a new update, we still have no venue. LOL

While wedding planning has been going on. It’s been a lot of changing what we’ve already decided. Which I find it quite amusing so I’d like to share the process with y’all.

Originally, before I was even engaged, I wanted a fall wedding. Living in Texas you don’t want a hot, sweating, unbearable wedding, so fall offers a cool breeze alternative. Plus you get such beautiful colors of burgundy, oranges, and brown. My fall wedding was gonna be really boho (I’m not even a boho person) and just great.

Then we had a baby in August, a baby in October (not to mention 2 other kids’ birthdays in October), my fiancé’s birthday in September, then my whole family was born in November. So, no fall wedding for me, too many birthdays and events going on to even figure out a decent weekend.

Then I thought “a spring wedding would be so beautiful”. But I’m very particular about the spring and I only wanted to get married in April. So adamant about it that I even went to look at a venue with an April wedding date in mind. My fiancé however was NOT on board and killed my dreams of an April wedding. His reasoning……. Only fools get married in April.

I cannot stand him. But I’m also the same person who won’t get married in March because that’s the month that my best friend got married and I didn’t want a similar anniversary. HA!

We have decided on a date, no matter what day it falls on, we’ll be getting married in June. A HOT DAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING SUMMER. We’re obviously just a bunch of hot messes.

And with a summer wedding come summer colors. An array of pastels and bright colors. Lots of pinks and corals. I’m not a fan of any of that so I settled for a “shades of blue” wedding: dusty blue, navy, and silver. Again, back to making my wedding vision board and getting everything picked out. I even order color swatches for me to see what the dresses would look like in person.

Now, most people wouldn’t disclose their upcoming wedding colors to the internet, but I can do that because they are not my wedding colors. Yep, you guessed it, those drastically changed too. See, my fiancé’s favorite team went to the Super Bowl and he walked around for two weeks telling me what colors he looks good in. 🙃

For a man that keeps telling me this is my wedding and I can pick whatever I like, he adds his input all the time. Luckily, I don’t mind it and I’m not some crazy bridezilla who only feels like only my opinions matter. I just so happen to be a very indecisive person so having him narrow ideas down has been a tremendous help.

With a new wedding date, a new color scheme, and no solid venue, to feel productive in my planning I have scheduled our engagement photos and started putting together my bridesmaid’s proposal boxes. (And I feel a how-to coming soon 😉)

Hopefully, we find a venue we both like and agree on so we can finalize the rest of this wedding. At least with a summer wedding, I still have over a year to finish planning.

XOXO – A Busy Mama

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