Step 1: Venue

I have been engaged for roughly 8 months now and I have just started to plan my wedding. My fiancé proposed to me while I was pregnant so I wanted to wait til post-baby to start plotting things out and now here we are.

If you have never planned a wedding let me be the first to tell you, it’s a lot. And not just like a decent, average event normal a lot but like an insanely never-ending anxiety enduring A LOT. We’re talking wedding colors/themes, dresses, invitations, venues, save-the-dates, photographers, videographers, cakes, catering, DJs, and a crap ton of other stuff you wouldn’t even know you needed at a wedding. (Like who knew you had to pick out silverware 😥)

I honestly understand why people get wedding planners and coordinators because like… WTF.

After a hand full of anxiety attacks and contemplating several times to just go down to the courthouse or elope, I finally reached out to some of my already married friends to which they all told me the same thing: Find a venue first.

Once you have a venue, you have your date, as well as know what items you can cross off your list with the amenities they offer.

So now the hunt for our perfect venue has begun, which has turned out to be a bit harder than I anticipated. Finding a venue that matches our aesthetic as a couple has proven to be a challenge. Especially since most venues around me give off rustic chic or ballroom princess vibes and neither one really fits us.

And I cannot fail to mention that these venues want 2 arms, 2 legs, and your soul to rent them out. (More specifically locations in the Houston area.) Inflation truly is a mother. I have started to seriously consider being a wedding vendor because all my research has shown me that this is where all the money is at. And if you are not in the market for a wedding I’ll give you a reference – we’re talking 5, 7, 10, +12K for the space. A key factor to this also depends greatly on how many guests you’ll have and if the venue is all-inclusive or not.

Hopefully, since we started booking our venue tours, in the new few weeks the fiancé and I can nail down a time & a place. Then I will be able to get to the fun part of planning the wedding – Dress shopping with my girlies!

And while this just so happens to be the tip of the wedding planning iceberg, I can proudly say that we’ve laid out our budget, the time of year we want to be married, our colors, a rough draft of the guest list, and who we plan to include in the wedding party. 😃 Doesn’t seem like a lot but it feels like we’re off to a promising start.

So if you are in the Houston area feel free to comment on any vendors you know that we could use for the wedding! And I’ll keep y’all posted on the planning!

XOXO – A Busy Mama

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